In 1991, Founder and Executive Director Mrs. Veronique Michelot went to Haiti and visited the pediatric ward at the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince.  As a native of Haiti she was familiar with the deprivation of it’s people, but that knowledge was not enough to prepare her for what she saw that day.  She left the hospital in tears and was determined to make a positive contribution to the lives of Haiti’s children.  From her tears Helping Hands Across the Ocean was born.

Today, the organization is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity helping children in Haiti, mostly in Port-au-Prince and Bercy, a village 25 miles outside of Port-au-Prince.  In 2003, Helping Hands Across the Ocean opened an elementary school in Bercy.  Since then, HHAO has added a new building for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes.  In addition to the school, HHAO has drilled a well in the village and installed a hand pump allowing the people of the village to have access to clean water.  Clean water is a crucial element in the reduction of early childhood mortality in rural areas.


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